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Our Inspirations and Influences
In designing our clothes, we asked the people who really count - the children!

Here are some of their views on what really matters when it comes to children's clothing.

Why Do People Wear Clothes?

Because they're cold - Safari, age 2
If they don't wear any clothes, they'll go out in the shops, looking.... they're not allowed to be like that - Lilly, age 5
Cause people don't want people to be naked. Only if you're having a bath - Michael, age 4
Because they want to keep their jocks on. - Edward, age 4
You might see their bottom - Lilly, age 5
So they aren't nudie - Lachie, age 6
So people don't see your butt - Darcy, age 5

MoederKip Says... 'Thanks - good answers. We'll make sure our clothing gives you lots of coverage, particularly around the bottom.'

What Sort of Clothes Do You Like?

I like purple, red, yellow and green. That's all. - Lilly, age 5
I like pink, yellow and purple, and gold, and silver. - Tallulah, age 5
Dresses, ones with dots and diamonds and bows and ribbons - Adele, age 4
Silly pants - Willow, age 2
No clothes - Owen, age 5

MoederKip Says... 'We totally get that it's fun to wear no clothes some times. But when you are ready to get dressed, it sounds like you are looking for lots of colour, and some fun details - with just a little bit of silly thrown in. We can do that!'

What Sort of Clothes Don't You Like?

Don't like hats that are boring, like brown and old - Adele, age 4
Scratchy pants - Izzy, age 6
Shirts with buttons and tight pants - Lachie, age 6
Ones which are hard and too little for me - Jerricho, age 6

MoederKip Says... 'Sounds good - we don't like boring or scratchy clothes either. We'll also make sure that all our clothes are big enough to be comfortable, and don't need too many buttons to do up.'

How Do You Know What Clothes To Wear?

Because I like them - Lilly, age 5
Because I know how many clothes I have, and I know where they are - Erin, age 5
I pick, and I know what day it is, so I know which clothes I want - Mike, age 5
Because my mum tells me and then we argue with her - Zoe, age 6
Mum gets them out of the drawer, but then I say, "I want to do it!" - Tannah, age 4

MoederKip Says... 'Ah, of course! Sounds like we need to make something that both you and Mum are happy with.'

I don't wanna play this any more. - Jalisa, age 4
I don't know, I'm watching Spot. - Edward, age 4

MoederKip Says... Fair enough! Thanks for your time.